Fast ticket machine – ha ha ha

Ok so I’m at risk of becoming quietly obsessed with ranting about my train experiences but there we have it – they’re a big part of my life so stick with me.

After yesterdays fiasco with buying tickets All I need is a train ticket – you’d think that my journey today would be trouble free. Surely it would, after all what could go wrong?

So I drag my case down to the train station in the rain and pop over to the fast ticket machine with 20mins to spare before my train leaves – no bad time management attitude problem for me no more (I’ll explain that some other time). So it’s a FAST ticket machine, key is in the name, right?

I had to print off tickets for three journeys – couple minutes max, it’s fast after all. Urrrgh apparently not. I know it’s a crap photo but if you look closely you can probably see the blue ‘please wait’ screen. So it goes something like this…

1. Insert credit card; 2. Remove credit card; 3. WAIT

4. Type in reference number; 5. Touch confirm; 6. WAIT

7. WAIT some more; 8. Prints one of three tickets; 9. WAIT

10. Print ticket two in set; 11. WAIT; 12. Print last ticket in set

13. WAIT and repeat from start for each of three journeys

Not sure if that was clear but there was a hell of a lot of waiting in that there experience, it took about 15 mins to print three tickets, I had to apologise to people who started forming queue behind me and generally it was a crap customer experience and I almost missed my train, even though I’d left loads of time.

Can anyone explain why you have to collect each journey separately?

Why cant I just have one booking reference? It was all booked at the same time in the same transaction anyway.

Anyone know of any ways around this?

Is the whole train customer service experience just shite because they know there is no other way for most of us to travel such distance?

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