Why so few comments?

Two weeks after I first decided to blog my whizzy wordpress stats tell me that I’ve had 278 views! I find this hard to imagine but am happy enough with that. My busiest day was a Sunday when I first started and I had almost half of my total visits that day (118). So what I hear you say…so what is right, but despite 278 views, I’ve only had nine comments.

That’s right….NINE comments, that’s 3% of my visitors. So just as I was about to get indignant I realised that I’ve been reading blogs for years and have only ever commented on three! Those belonging to @rufflemuffin, @fergusbisset and @amcunningham as it happens, all people who I follow on twitter and all people who I feel like I have already got a dialogue with.

So I guess I’m going to now engage in the most pointless thing I’ve done in a while…ask on here why people don’t comment 😉 Ahh the irony. No seriously, if you are reading this (and I know someone, somewhere is) then please let me know your thoughts, either here or over on twitter @georgejulian as to whether there is anything I can do to improve my rants or to get a conversation going with you 🙂

Failing that go leave a comment on someone else’s blog – really – it makes it so much easier to bother to do this stuff when you know someone is vaguely interested.

* Photo by foggodavid

5 thoughts on “Why so few comments?

  1. Good question! Only found these today so that’s my reason… My observation would be that they’re long emotive topics – as a result, brief comments don’t do justice to the subject matter or the emotional energy you’ve invested. As a result it’s often easier/safer/better etc not to comment and just enjoy (if that’s the word). Another would be that many blogs gather a community, and this takes time to create/foster. Maybe the odd shorter directed question, like thus one, would help build that collective community? What’s been written is interesting so far though and the stats show enough people are enjoying it so far – just a case of converting the lurkers! 

  2. I am leaving a comment, look! I am not sure about the answer to your question as blogging is new to me too. I guess what I think you are saying is that without feedback blogging feels pointless. I would say try different styles and see what happens, what gets the best response dont give up. Oh and if you find out anything interesting let me know 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting, it does seem that we are in a culture where people like to be broadcast to rather than being active in a conversation and hence not many comments. Please don’t correlate interest in your blog with the number of comments. Well at least I made a comment!

  4. Thanks all for the comments – really appreciate it :). Have been pondering some more and I guess it doesn’t really matter whether people comment or not…it doesn’t really matter whether people even read it or not! Which brings me full circle to why bother and I guess for now I’ll bother because it’s vaguely interesting and it has started some conversations and connections with people I’d not have otherwise, but really I’ve got no intention or aim behind blogging so it doesn’t really matter. Laura brings up the point about feedback though and I guess feedback just makes it easier to stay engaged…but for now we’re all good. Thanks all 🙂

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