Granny’s Easter biscuits

My Gran is the best cook on the planet…it’s official, it’s not up for grabs, there’s no doubt, she is the bestest. She’s had years of practice as she has been baking since she was a child and she’s 90 now. She still cooks dinner for her and my grandad every day – well it’s a team effort really, he preps and cooks the veg, she does whatever else they’re having, he jokes that he’s the oldest sous chef in the street…which of course he is 😉

My Gran loves tradition, routines and habits…she has made biscuits every Easter I can remember. I’m not sure about the history of easter biscuits or what makes them ‘eastery’ but I suspect it’s because they are made with all  butter, easter being a celebration and all that. I have tried loads of different recipes for easter biscuits over the years, I’ve done them with currants and without, with lemon and without, with butter and with marg, with different flours and sugars and they are never, ever as nice as my Gran’s.

Last year I asked my Gran for her recipe….and she wouldn’t give it to me! I really don’t know why, it’s not like her at all, but she wouldn’t budge on it. I asked my mum to try and get it but she had no luck either; so my sister gave it a go – nope, no luck. It was so gutting because my  Gran’s biscuits are the absolute best. This year I was in luck; today when I visited my grandfolks not only did I have two easter biscuits waiting for me (and two easter buns – we love an excuse to bake in our family) but my Gran had her recipe book ready and waiting.

When I looked at the recipe and asked Gran what her secret was….she proceeded to tell me all the things she left out the recipe, used instead and added in. She wrote her version out for me, on some cardboard from a box of tea (my grandfolks were into recycling way before it was chic) and I have it on my sofa next to me. I’ll treasure that recipe forever, all the more for waiting for it and for my Gran giving it to me. I’m not sharing it with you guys, it’s too special, but I’ll share the recipe it’s based on…taken from the Radiation Cookery Book. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Granny’s Easter biscuits

  1. You gotta share the recipe! Or at least send me a biscuit so that I can impartially decide whether or not you are correct in you assertion of her being the best ;o)

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