Patient Opinion – Torbay ENT

I posted yesterday about my experience at the local ENT clinic and the comparisons between that and my trip to the hairdressers!

I also mentioned that I was going to use Patient Opinion to report my experience and make a suggestion. Well I did that last night too and today Patient Opinion emailed to say my story had been posted. I was so excited that I took a screenshot of the front page that you can see on the right.

I realised that some of you might not have heard about Patient Opinion. Essentially they are using people’s stories and experiences of the NHS to try and improve it for everyone else. It’s a great site, really easy to use and simple to navigate. You can use it to make a complaint, to make a suggestion, to thank people or to look up other people’s experiences. In my opinion it’s a great idea.

So last night I posted my suggestion that centred around scheduling of the outpatients clinic and/or making waiting times more transparent to patients. I’m now waiting to see if anyone from Torbay gets back to me – I’m not holding my breathe but you never know…I’ll keep you all posted.

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