New excuses

A couple days ago I blogged on the excuses that I tend to hide behind when I’m not in the mood to go for a run. I was delighted at the response this post got, a few comments on here but mostly over on twitter. I have yet to see whether it actually had any real impact and genuinely encouraged anyone else to go out for a run…but I guess time will tell.

So I went for a run on Sunday and prefer to have a rest day in between runs (I love the way I type that like I’m marathon training or something; lets just pretend that I do enough to warrant resting, indulge me for now) which meant I should be running yesterday (Tuesday). Except I didn’t sleep well the night before… and I had to get a train that morning… and I was walking to the station… and you get the picture, see what I’m doing here, they’re creeping back in the excuses! Tuesday night I was staying in London and so I decided to throw my running gear in my case, just in case I was in the mood to head out this morning!

This morning came, I turned the alarm off, snoozed for half an hour, then turned it off again… then eventually gave myself a stiff talking to and realised I was only kidding myself with all my excuses (I’m too tired, I’ve not got time now, I don’t know where I am etc etc etc)… so I am delighted to announce that I did force myself out for a run and better still, I really enjoyed it 🙂 I was irritated at myself for delaying it earlier and it meant I really could only spend about 25mins outside. I was staying near Marble Arch and had the complete pleasure of running in Hyde Park. It was awesome, there were loads of people around, the horseguard were exercising their horses, there are monuments, a lake and things to look at….really London people, get out into your parks, they’re awesome.

Photo by @Larsnow

So I had an awesome time this morning and was delighted to have bothered; I was so enthused (and a little sweaty) that I even avoided the lift and walked upstairs when I got back to my hotel…all 81 of them!

One thing I do want to share with you all though is my most bemusing moment to date! As I headed out on my run, I was dressed in my gear (admittedly I dont look like  a pro but I have trainers, a sports top and lycra leggings on…not an outfit I’d wear for any other reason I promise), turned the corner by Marble Arch tube and the guy offered me a Metro… urgh purlease, could he not see I was a highly tuned athlete about to embark on a serious exercise session?? Obviously he couldn’t, at first I was insulted but later I realised it was fantastic…for those of you who like the idea of going for a run but are put off by the reality…head to Marble Arch, grab a metro and go sit in the park. Happy days.

3 thoughts on “New excuses

  1. I love my smuggy endorphin champion of the gym post exercised feeling – it is always preceded by the too tired can’t be bothered too much to do fugginess.

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