No more excuses

I first started a draft of this post about three weeks ago when I went out for a run for the first time in months. I wasn’t sure why I did it that weekend, but I was in the mood for it. I’ve thought about why then a lot since and realised that it was … More No more excuses

Team Dan Dan

Last June my friends Anna and Dan got married. It was a great day, the sun shined, the bride looked beautiful, the speeches were tear jerkers, the alcohol flowed and a good time was had by all. This June, the day before what would have been their first wedding anniversary, a group of us will … More Team Dan Dan

Realistic training environments or reinforcing negative stereotypes?

Photo by LCpl Tommy Bellegrade, isafmedia It has emerged today that the British army are using buildings that look like replica mosques on a North Yorkshire firing range. The Bradford Council for Mosques (BCM) have complained and demanded their removal. Since this story was first reported on the BBC news website this morning, the army … More Realistic training environments or reinforcing negative stereotypes?

Lunch spot

So today I forced myself to take a lunch break, only 15mins but long enough to go outside, soak up the sun (and the wind…it’s not as warm as it looks), appreciate the blue sky and eat my lunch. I had intended to go for a walk around the gardens as everyone keeps telling me … More Lunch spot


I’ve been giving success a lot of thought recently, well its one of those things that I ponder quite regularly to be honest. So how am I meant to judge success? What is success for me? Am I where I expected to be in my life in my early 30s? Am I successful? Well I’m … More Success