Meet Erin…she’s inspirational!

On Sunday Erin Kennedy ran a marathon.

I don’t know about you but I’m *always* impressed by anyone who runs a marathon…or for that matter walks a marathon…or runs a half marathon…or walks a half marathon…or runs a 10k; I’ll stop, you get the picture. Those of you who swing by here occasionally will be well familiar with my struggles to motivate myself to get outside and run.

So why am I blogging about Erin and who is she anyway? Well, the thing is I don’t really know too much about Erin! I’ve never met her, she’s not been on twitter long (but you can find her here) and she’s also a relative newbie to blogging (you can find her blog here).

What I do know is as follows:

  • she has a penchant for 80 music…come on, who doesn’t 😉
  • she is the Youth Olympic Games Young Ambassador for USA
  • she plays rugby
  • she likes breakfast…especially pancakes
  • she has just run a marathon.

Not very much really.

So for me it’s all the more impressive that she’s managed to inspire me to register for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. I was toying with it already but there was something about Erin’s description of her marathon that convinced me I would be able to do it (it’s not so much about the physical side of it, more the mental side….dare I say fear of failure or risk of making a mistake?). So its all in your head… there really are no excuses except your own.

I guess ultimately it’s nearly always a mental battle, as most things in life are. As my Dad is always ready to remind me, it’s all about the PMA (positive mental attitude for those of you without a Bobby J in your lives)! I’m not for a minute wanting to take away from the immense physical accomplishment of Erin’s race, more wishing to acknowledge her grit and determination. Go say hi, check out her blog post and see if you’re not inspired too 🙂

…and if anyone wants to join me in Cardiff you know where to find me – here or on twitter @georgejulian.

…and if anyone wants to know more about the Youth Olympics take a look at their site or talk to Great Britain’s very own young ambassador, @fergusbisset – you can meet Fergus over on youtube or check out his blog here.

5 thoughts on “Meet Erin…she’s inspirational!

  1. Running a marathon this week is something that I am incredibly proud of. It felt amazing to complete something that I worked at for 5 months. However, reading this blog post made my week. To read about how I can inspire someone that I never met and have only interacted with briefly online – it floors me! If I was in the United Kingdom I would be there at the Half Marathon to cheer you on and run with you the whole way! You can absolutely do anything you set your mind to. There are times in life when the physical take a back seat and the only thing that will get you through is your mental strength and determination. Having a strong PMA is definitely the key to success in anything in life. Best of luck!

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