A proper tea

I’ve been really loving coffee lately. This isn’t a new thing; in fact I suspect the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is coffee!

Therefore I consider myself a recovered/recovering (do you ever confidently recover from anything in life? That’s a post for another time) coffee addict. So take it as read that I love coffee and I particularly love the sociable nature of going for coffee with friends. I put that out there because I don’t want coffee lovers thinking I’m ‘not one of them’ if there any of them reading!

I also love tea though. Where I live tea shops can be found in far greater number than coffee shops…which if I’m honest are still a little exotic! I was musing to myself this week that what London lacks is tea shops! You can barely stroll a couple hundred yards in the big smoke without finding a coffee shop but tea shops seem a little harder to come by. So imagine my delight when @niccombe and I met for coffee one evening this week and she suggested going for tea instead. She introduced me to the delight that is Yumchaa and we went for a cuppa in their shop in Soho which can be found at 45 Berwick Street. Nic had a pot of Lemon Sherbert which smelt absolutely divine; I plumped for Assam and we shared a chocolate brownie.

I really enjoyed the couple hours we sat in this teashop, it was incredibly civilised, we chatted for ages and at no point did I feel that we were overstaying our welcome (we did get a second pot of tea each but even so…). Obviously Nic’s company was fantastic, but I don’t think it was just that; there was just something extra special for me about Yumchaa.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with @chrish10 at the same place and can confirm that there was consistency to their good service, lovely atmosphere and an additional bonus, complimentary wifi, making it a strong contender for my new London office! Eat @ Paddington has that honour at the moment but suspect the absence of pigeons, together with all the above, means that Yumchaa is now my remote office of choice 😉

They also have two shops in Camden and market stalls dotted around the place and you can buy tea from their website. Well worth a dabble I tell ye.

A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards – A.A.Milne

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