Help please…I need a £1

Help please, I need your help.

No really, I could *really* do with your help. My friend Dan died in February, he was 37. We buried him the day after Valentine’s Day. He left behind his wife, Anna and his young daughter Liv. You can read more and see Dan in a previous blog post here.

On the eve of what would have been Dan and Anna’s first wedding anniversary, Anna, her sister Tracy and myself will be walking 15k around Swindon to raise funds for Prospect Hospice where Dan spent the last weeks of his life. Prior to being admitted to Prospect Dan had been at home, with Anna, his parents, her parents and family and friends trying to provide the required support. He had been in and out of hospital and the strain on him and those closest to him was palpable. I am sure that there are few things harder in life than caring for someone who is so close to you, not knowing how long they have left, and just hoping that you are doing things right. The fabulous support from Prospect allowed his wife, daughter and family and friends to be just that in his final days…his family and friends, not his carers.

So this is where you come in….one pound, a euro, a dollar. More if you can afford it but just one would make an amazing difference. I have 611 followers (I’m sure that number will drop in the coming days now) on twitter; five of them have very generously started the ball rolling, I’d be really very VERY grateful if a couple hundred more of them were able to afford just £1. It would make all the difference to reaching our £500 target. None of us know when we’ll require the type of support that Prospect provide – I hope your family and friends never will – but I know the difference any size donation can make. Please give what you can afford

** Some people reported difficulties donation on the VirginMoney site so I’ve also created a JustGiving page. If someone would like to start the £1 ball rolling I’d be delighted **

Thank you.

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