Value for money?

This week I’ve been blown away by the generosity of some lovely people in my twitter stream. I asked for a £1 off people who follow me, as sponsorship for a 15k walk I’m doing next month. The Starlight Walk is a 15k stroll around Swindon, home of the famous magic roundabout, in aid of Prospect Hospice. It’s not much of a physical challenge really in itself, it’s about 10miles and I’m doing it with my mates Anna and Tracy. I suspect it will be emotionally far harder though as we’re raising funds in memory of Dan, Anna’s husband, who died in February. You can read more about Dan and why we’re doing it here and here.

So this week I was wondering how I could convince more of you to donate a £1 towards this fantastic cause, after all lots of people have read the blog post but not gone the extra step and donated a pound. So I thought I’d show you what you could get for a £1 in our local Sainsburys garage this week! You could have:

  • A large yellow sponge – ideal for cleaning the car or waterfights in this weather
  • A Capri-Sun drink
  • A Cornish pasty (on special offer this week – grab them while you can)
  • A tin of tomatoes

So there you have it, four things you could get for a pound. Great, but none of them are life changing!

Alternatively you could donate a pound to Prospect, for that pound you’d be helping one of the 1,400 people who they provide care to each year. Prospect provide support to people in their own homes, in hospital, in care homes or in their hospice; the support is life changing for those who are ill and also for their family and friends. It makes all the difference, really.

If everyone who reads this blog post donates a pound then I know we could reach our target of £500 for Prospect….I’ve got 35 days left until I walk 15k, please please please help by donating, just a pound. Thank you.

You can donate on the Virgin Money Giving site here or if you live outside the UK or prefer to use Just Giving then you can also donate here

Thank you for your support. Big thanks to @markbigsw @dalekdoctor @fergusbisset @amcunningham @rufflemuffin @irishandrew @soundgirl64 @alpew @sarknight @juniorc0 @jeanetteleech @hen4 @segelstrom @tomarse99, Joe and anonymous x3

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