Birthday cards…no thanks!

I love cards; I love postcards; I love finding cards for people, writing them and sending them….but nothing beats one dropping through the letterbox. I love it.

This year my birthday falls on a sunday, this sunday coming in fact. Sunday birthdays always lead to a certain level of disappointment for me, they just aren’t the same and I think it’s because there isn’t all the fun of waiting for the postman to deliver your cards. My dad was a postman so he always tried to pop home in between rounds on our birthdays and bring us our cards himself – thinking about it maybe that is where my love of cards stems from; I’m not sure but I love receiving birthday cards.

This year however I’m asking my friends and family not to send me cards but to do something different instead. I’m asking them to save the cost of the card and the postage and donate it to Prospect Hospice instead. In three weeks time myself and my friends Anna and Tracy will be walking 15k to raise money for the hospice where Anna’s husband Dan lost his battle against a brain tumour earlier this year. You can read more about Dan and our fundraising efforts in my earlier posts here and here. The walk is especially poignant because it takes place on the eve of what would have been Anna and Dan’s first wedding anniversary – Dan isn’t around to share that day with Anna so we’ll be there instead – hopefully with sore feet from the walk, sore heads from the drinks after and sore sides from laughing and reminiscing.

What would make it all the better is if we manage to reach our target of £500 – if you are able to spare some cash, no amount is too little, really a £1 would be better than nothing, then please donate here or if that site doesn’t like you (some people have been having problems donating there) then please try here Thanks.

Anna and Dan on their wedding day (c) Sarah Vincent

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