My mum just called to have a chat. She was reminiscing about this weekend two years ago. Today would have been the Thursday before my sister Abi, and her husband Steve got married and my Dad had just finished chemo early due to side effects. He couldn’t walk, literally, could barely take a step….yet had two days before he walked my sister down the aisle, I’ve written about this before so won’t go on. Suffice to say it was a little stressful.

Meanwhile I had my own stress to worry about as I’d stupidly offered to bake my sister’s wedding cake. Now I know my little sis well enough to know that wasn’t a good idea but they were getting hitched on a budget and I’d done a couple wedding cakes and figured she’d rein in her tendencies to something realistic. Yeh right.

Abi wanted four tiers…yip, four. Easy peasy…not. She also wanted each tier to be different. She had a fruit cake, double chocolate cake, victoria sponge cake and the top tier was a lemon drizzle cake – baked in a pork pie tin!! So four different cakes, four different icings and loads and loads of little hearts for decoration….not to mention the stress of cutting the dowels to size to make sure it stacked and stayed up…oh and I’m missing the forty minute drive to the wedding reception venue. All kinda stressful. Well worth it though…it was exactly what she wanted, right down to the camouflage ribbon!

My mum likes to remember the bad times as well as the good times and I reckon that’s a good thing; tomorrow I’m having dinner with my folks, my sis and her hubby and the new addition to our family, my gorgeous niece, Libby. Two years ago I never would have believed that life would be as good as it is now, as my mate Jo always says ‘you never know what’s round the corner’ 🙂

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