I heart Wales

Photo by Mooganic

I love Wales and I love Welsh people. Earlier today I got a text off one of my Welshmates and even reading it made me smile because I can’t read a text from Jo without imagining her saying it – and I can’t imagine her voice without smiling; that shiny happy Welsh lilt 🙂

For me the great thing about Wales is the Welsh people. Sure there are one or two idiots, but most countries have a few of them. I am a bit biased, after all I lived in Wales for a quarter of my life and some awesome times were had there – I’ve watched some of my best rugby in Wales, and the most heartbreaking moment when Munster lost to Leicester in the Heineken Cup Final 2002 and the ref appeared to have gone to sleep when Neil Back was cheating…anyway I should be over that by now; I’ve graduated from Cardiff University – twice; I’ve assaulted my liver and enjoyed it every step of the way; I’ve celebrated birthdays, babies, weddings and civil partnerships; I’ve spent hours of my life volunteering, studying and working there – hell I even ran a B&B in Brecon for two weeks once! I’ve loved and lost and learnt a lot and on the whole have nothing but respect for the fabulous Welsh people who made it such a pleasure to live in their country.

So what made me waffle on with this diatribe…well I saw a BBC news story about a thanksgiving service that had been held in Kent to thank the people of Wales who took in refugee children during World War 2. One of the organisers recalled the generosity of the people of Blaenavon who took them in and it reminded me of my grandad’s story. He was based in Wales for training during the war and he often talks of the generosity of the Welsh people who donated him eggs from their farms for his wedding cake.

So there’s a long history of the Welsh being generous and noble – that’s got to be worth celebrating 🙂 I’ll end with the words of John Lockyer, one of the evacuees. I may have been in Wales through choice not necessity but the generosity and welcome is one I recognised instantly.

“Comforting voices and outstretched hands gave us a sense of hope and security which those of us who survive will never forget….The love I was shown during that time has given me a deep affinity with Wales”

Rwy’n caru Cymru


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