My grandad’s pen

Today was my birthday and I got spoilt with some fabulous cards and pressies. I thought I’d share my favourite card and pressie with you.

My fave card is this one – it is *so* me 🙂

I got lots of lovely pressies and I’d never normally consider identifying a favourite but today it was easy peasy. My grandad has decided at 92 he is better off using a biro as his hands shake too much for his old fountain pen….so you’ve guessed it, he has given it to me 🙂 It’s a Parker, with a 14k gold plated nib (he told me twice it was gold plated – it obviously was very important to him) and he can’t be 100% sure but he thinks it’s the one his mother gave him before he went to war and that he used to write home! He thought it would be better that I had it and used it – thought I’d take it to work to sign my letters (didn’t have the heart to tell him I’ve only signed a handful of things in the last year and everything is done by email – that would have been a step too far). I am SOOO chuffed with this little beauty; there’s no way its going anywhere near work, I’ll keep it at home and treasure it. It comes complete with an almost full pot of ink and I was given a lesson filling it over the sink this evening.

For once being the “bookish” grandaughter isn’t such a bad thing.

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