I did a survey…

Youtube vid by mikeydroog

Marcello Marino, a hairdresser from Kent, hit the news today as it emerged he’d put up a poster on the side of his salon, that showed a little too much of his wife, Yaice.

What I absolutely loved in this interview though wasn’t Marcello’s call for the need for something modern in the face of the recession, or his heartfelt observation of his wife’s beauty (and yes she’s a stunner), but what got me was his talking about research!!

Just about everyone and anyone nowadays will tell you that they’ve done a little research and that somehow justifies any action. I’ve included Marino’s interview above so you can watch it, it’s only a few minutes long, but I loved it. He starts by saying that all his customers love the picture. The research conversation goes as follows:

“Before I had it up I did a small survey with my customers, I showed them, I showed them all, and they all said it’s alright, it’s really beautiful. Some of the older people said, you know, it’s a little bit too much, but its only a few people, the majority said it’s all really nice”

I just love that statement – in other words: I did a ‘survey’, I asked people’s opinions, I heard what I wanted to hear, I did what I was going to do.

I love his honesty; I love his enthusiasm; I love his accent and I love his complete inability to understand the problem! Unfortunately he didn’t have planning permission so I imagine it wont stay but he has no real concern, after all if his salon doesn’t survive I’m sure he could move into research.

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