The value of supporters

A few weeks ago I went to support @niccombe and @fergusbisset as they took part in the Bupa London 10,000, a 10k run around London. Think its fair to say that tension was high before the run, for those of you who have never taken part in an organised run before there is something about the organisation, or lack of it, that adds to the pressure – the times I’ve run in ‘formal’ runs have always felt immensely pressured and like all the worse memories of school sports x1000 and yet for some strange reason have signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October!

Anyway this was what Ferg looked like on the tube on the way in – this is not a pleasurable face!

Now don’t worry I’m not for a minute going to suggest that its particularly hard to support someone in this situation, but it’s hard to feel their tension and know there is nothing you can do to make it easier. Luckily Nic had Mr Nice to keep her calm and give her a pep talk and by the time we met up she’d moved from how Ferg was feeling above to reach the hyper stage, as seen below:

Anyway while Nic and Ferg went to do their thing, me and Mr Nice did the difficult bit….carried their bags, went off to grab a coffee and a spot on an overhead bridge about 1.5k down. After watching Mo Farah run underneath, closely followed by Ferg and the Nickster, we made our way down to the road to wait for them both on their way back. While sat there I was really impressed by the Macmillan supporters on the other side of the road – they were relentless, they spotted everyone in a Macmillan vest and gave them a cheer, but they also looked out for anyone else who was struggling, or who had a name on their vest and gave them a shout too. I also learnt not to underestimate the amount of noise an air filled tube bent in half can make!

I’m a big fan of Macmillan and know only too well the benefits of the support that they provide…I’m really hoping that we don’t need their support again, but you never know. In the meantime if you’re interested in doing a run and don’t know who to run for I’d highly recommend Macmillan – you’re guaranteed a good supported experience.

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