Hinton St George

If you type Hinton St George into google, this map is the first thing you find:

and to be honest it’s about all you would need, it’s tiny.

Last Friday myself and Ferg had the pleasure of visiting Hinton St George, on the recommendation of Mark. It hadn’t been the best of weeks, I didn’t get to leave work early as planned and it was all a bit of a rush to get there; but it was truly fabulous and definitely worth the effort of getting there.

We stayed overnight at the Lord Poulett Arms where we ate and drank the night away.

We had a fabulous room complete with an old fashioned bed, one of those ones that makes you feel like a kid because it’s so high your feet don’t reach the floor. The bathroom, just across the corrdior, had a beautiful free standing iron bath that also made you feel a little special. The view from the room was also truly awesome, check out the rose, postbox and red phonebox….could you get a more ‘quaint English village’ look?

The Lord Poulett Arms was a fab place to stay, the only criticism is that it was a little busy on the Friday night when we arrived and when shown to our room we weren’t told the times for breakfast. We didn’t realise this until after everyone had left for the night and hesitated a guess at getting down for 09.45, assuming it would probably finish at 10am.


When we got there on Saturday morning we were greeted by a lady complete with hoover cleaning the pub. I think she saw the look pass between us, the ‘oh bloody hell we’ve missed breakfast’ look. What then happened was really ace customer service in action. She checked whether we were expecting breakfast, explained that we should have been told it finished at 9am, apologised that we hadn’t been and offered to get us something, but it wouldn’t be cooked. She then proceeded to get us fresh coffee, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, fresh orange juice, toast, two types of jam, butter, marmalade, croissants…and not once did she complain (despite the fact we were obviously holding her up from her cleaning duties) and when we came to pay she apologised again.

I am so glad that we missed brekkie! What we got instead was a really lovely start to our day, we hadn’t had to get up hideously early (looking civilised before 10am on a weekend is hideous to me), and I really felt that her customer service was above and beyond what was required. After brekkie we took a stroll through the village (took about two mins) and went to the local Personal Services Store (am saving that photo for a work presentation!) and managed to grab a jab of *the* most amazing jam I’ve had in years.

Made by the wife of the man who runs the village shop, and served in the pub, at the ridiculously cheap price of £1.85 the Strawberry and Gooseberry Jam is worth a trip to Hinton St George all in its own right! Go on, check it out, Somerset at its best.

One thought on “Hinton St George

  1. Phew! Thanks for the hat tip. So glad to hear you had a good time. It’s always a risky business making recommendations to people as tastes and expectations vary so greatly.

    But I was quietly confident with the Lord Poulett, it used to be my local, I lived in Hinton Saint George for several years, a little thatched cottage on South St, and what a small but perfectly formed village it is. I’ve posted letters in that post box, made calls from that red telephone box and did my shopping at the Personal Services Store – a quaint name for a village shop which still makes me giggle like a schoolboy.

    Enjoy the jam, and if you ever return to HSG be sure to visit me at Cricket St Thomas, it’s only a couple of miles away.

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