So far, so good

I blogged last week about my Dad’s health. He’d been called in to see his consultant following a routine scan which showed up a mass of cells under his liver.

Well today he heard back from the hospital with the date for his PET Scan which is taking place on Thursday. He’s not allowed to eat before hand but he claims to not be too bothered about that. The scanner is mobile so he has to go to a local business park for his appointment! Once there, apparently it takes up to an hour for the radioactive glucose to be absorbed and travel around his body and the scan itself can take anything up to an hour. So sounds like a long and boring trip for the folks.

The following week we’ll be heading down to his consultant in Plymouth to hear the results of the scan and discuss what the most appropriate course of treatment is, if required (note the obligatory ounce of optimism that it might all be a big mistake). For now I’m just grateful that mum and dad seem to be coping with the uncertainty and that the process seems to be going so well – consultants talking to each other, scans being booked, Dad being kept informed – so far, so good.

Photo by Muffet – check out the original image for more info; Liz got an image of every machine that got an image of her – awesome idea if you ask me.

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