Smile, you’re on camera!

This is just a quick update. Today is a big day for two of the most important people in my life!

My Dad is having his PET Scan, the results of which should tell us whether his cancer has returned, what stage it is at and allow his fantastic medical team to decide what their options are for dealing with it.

My best mate is also having a scan, to find out whether she is *actually* pregnant and if so whether it is twins or not! She has been through IVF and has done several of her own tests (as instructed) but this is the first official scan.

So it’s a big day; the results for Dad will take a week but the other should be instant so best mate is popping over tonight and hopefully we’ll be celebrating. I’ll keep you all posted.

Photo by The Dream Sky

One thought on “Smile, you’re on camera!

  1. Blessings for both! And also for the family members and friends who are on the expectation. All the LOVE for them! Keep it up! God Loves You a lot! Enough to bring you all you need at the right time. HE always do. “)
    ~Great Love to you all,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

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