Someone once told me #2

So I was raving about Someone Once Told Me all of about half an hour ago here and when I hit publish and tweeted the link out two unexpected things happened:

1) someone read it…I’m never really sure it’s humans and not just spambots who read my posts

2) they then sent me a link to their very own appearance on SOTM.

That someone is my mate Paul! You can check his photo out below and click on the photo for the proper page with more info.

Paul is one of *the* funniest men I know. In fact just yesterday he made me choke, got as far as just stopping close of snorting my drink out my nose when he tweeted the following:

If Emile Heskey is an international footballer, I’m Usain Bolt.

I mean seriously, I don’t really watch too much football, but that had me gasping for breath. If you’d like a touch of raw humour in your life then jump over to twitter and hit follow on Paul. He wont disappoint ya, he’s one funny man.

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