Someone once told me…

This weekend I’ve been making an effort to not do very much, a few chores, some bits of personal admin, few phonecalls with friends, far too many hours online …and just when I thought I’d lost most of today with little to show for it I stumbled across Someone Once Told Me. SOTM features a new black and white photo daily, featuring someone with a board with words written on it that someone once told them. Mario, the genius behind SOTM has the following to say over on the website:

“We are all shaped by the things that someone once told us. The words we hear impact on us, whether we want them to or not, and it’s undeniable that they have a power.

Someone Once Told Me is essentially a means for me to practise my photography and to give me something to do on my days off as I wander around London, which always feels full of possibilities.

But SOTM is also an attempt to gather and chronicle some of the things that people have heard in their lives, the messages and expressions that have stuck in people’s head, for reasons both obvious and odd”.

Go check it out, it’s awesome. I’ve been hitting lucky dip all afternoon and here are some of my faves. All pictures are copyright SOTM and if you click on any of them the link will take you to their page where you can see an anecdote, story or explanation, sometimes a video or audio clip and any comments:

This one made me cry!

Translates as ‘Take good care of your friends because friendship is priceless’

Go take a look at SOTM if you have time, it really is awesome – but be warned you may find that you lose hours of your life! ps I reckon if you like it you’ll almost certainly love Postsecret too.

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