Father’s day – the alternative view

Since I posted this morning about fathers day the post has been viewed 47 times….yet not a penny donated to the walk in memory of Dan; so from that regard not a great success. In other ways it’s led to some interesting conversations with people about their experiences of father’s day and to some extent, whether life needs to be so gloomy for Liv or Daisy or I guess me if my Dad’s news on Thursday is bad.

I started blogging as a place to reflect and I’m really grateful to those people who have read the post, RT’d it, commented and most importantly discussed it with me. I’m not as naive as to think that father’s day is something that everyone celebrates, in fact before my dad got ill it would have been dismissed as nothing more than a marketing ploy of Hallmark. Actually that is pretty much what Dad said tonight when I was talking to him about it. I also appreciate that for some people my post might have brought uncomfortable memories or thoughts to the surface. At some level I’m glad about that (I’m always sat well and truly on the side of reflection being a good thing) but at some level I’m not sure that it is necessarily the reaction that I wanted to evoke.

Anyway. For anyone who has had a difficult day, for whatever reason, I offer you Timshel from Mumford and Sons. Enjoy.

Mumford & Sons – “Timshel” from Blue Flowers TV on Vimeo.

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