Happy Fathers Day?

This morning I’ve woken up with a heavy heart and I just can’t shake it so I thought I’d try the blog therapy approach!

It’s father’s day and to be blunt I am very grateful that my Dad is still alive. There have been many times over the past three years where I wouldn’t have expected my dad to be alive the following week, never mind the following year. So I’m considering our family to  be very lucky. He came round yesterday with mum and their two dogs and I can’t believe that there is even a possibility that he could be ill again, but I guess Thursday will tell us more.

So why the heavy heart? Well the next person I thought of was someone I’ve never met! She’s a little two year old girl, let’s call her Daisy (because I’ve not had the chance to ask her mum if I can share this story), who lives over the road from my sister and her husband. The following is a conversation on my sister’s facebook feed yesterday:

Sis: thinks that one of the sweetest things she has seen this week happened when Daisy asked Steve for a cuddle over the fence, bless 🙂

Daisy’s mum: Thank you my darling 🙂

Sis: I know we both felt honoured little cutie, think Steve was a tad shocked at first seeing as it’s the first time she’s ever spoken to him I think, but reckon he felt like he’d done a good deed after xxxx We’re available for cuddles anytime hun x

Daisy’s mum: Thank you both for the good deed. Daisy is missing her daddy so much and she loves her cuddles so much. Must be boring only having me to cuddle most the time, especially at the terrible two stage. See you over the weekend xx

Daisy’s dad is currently serving in Afghanistan; they have already lost a number of lads from their company, I am really hoping that Daisy’s dad comes home safely.

Would you cuddle this man? Steve, my fabulous brother in law, and my gorgeous niece, Libbie

So the next person I thought of was my mate Anna who will be spending today with her three year old daughter, Liv, whose daddy died in February. I’ve blogged several times about Dan’s story, he died from a brain tumour in Prospect Hospice…if you’d like to know more just search for Dan and all the posts will come up. This is where my heart felt despair turns to hope, in some small way. We can’t give Liv her daddy for father’s day but we can make some small efforts so that anyone else who is in their situation will have the support they need in their final days. I’m sure there are families relying on Prospect today, who will be visiting or spending father’s day with their father, knowing that they are being supported to the highest degree possible.

Dan and Livvie last May

Next week would have been Anna and Dan’s first wedding anniversary and instead we’re walking 15k to raise funds for this fantastic hospice that provided them with support. Liv is too little to walk with us but I’ve been reassured that I’m on morning duty when she gets up on Sunday – I can’t wait 🙂 For now I need your help, if you’ve read this far I already know you have a heart (or are extreeeeemely bored) so please, please, please click on one of the following links and donate whatever you can afford to help us reach our £500 target – if everyone who reads this donates a quid I’m sure we’ll be well on the way, we’re at about £300 now.



Thank you, your support is really appreciated. Big fat thank you to everyone who has already donated too – I promise there is only one week left of me asking for help then I’ll never ask for a penny again!

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