Starlight walk in memory of Dan

L-R Mary (Dan’s mum), Katie, Anna (Dan’s wife), me, Tracy and the little people

Last night five of us walked 15k in memory of my friend Dan Moore. Dan died in February from an aggressive brain tumour, you can read more about his story here. We set out to raise £500 between us and I’m delighted to report that we’ve almost raised £750 now. We wanted to do something to personalise things, so we had our names and Team Dan-Dan on the back of our t-shirts but we also decided to each wear one of Dan’s hats! Dan had surgery when he was ill a couple of times and was always a little self-conscious of his scars so you’d rarely see him without a hat over the past few years, luckily he had quite a selection – and not all woolly ones, it was way too hot for woolly hats yesterday but luckily by the time we set off at about 9.30pm there was a lovely breeze.

It took us about 2 1/4 hours to walk the 15k and one of the things that pleased me the most was my desperate want to run!! This is very unusual for me, despite signing up for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October I never *want* to run – it’s always a battle with my subconscious to get out the door in the mornings, but last night as we were walking around Swindon I really wanted to pick up the pace and run!! Obviously I didn’t because we were walking as a team and chatting and reminiscing but the very fact that I wanted to pleased me no end – we’ll see if the enthusiasm remains next time I go for a run, but for now I’m chuffed with that.

So we walked our 15k and got to each set a balloon off in memory of Dan with a message attached, and then back to Anna’s house for champagne and cocktails. Dan’s dad, Dave popped over for a beer after work, Andi who’d been babysitting the kids was also there so we had a mini party with drinks, photos and reminiscences. This morning coffee and chocolate croissants were the order of the day, Anna got to spend her first wedding anniversary surrounded by us rabble and she was already planning what we could do next, something more of a challenge, so watch this space. Don’t worry though I promise not to ask for another penny from any of you guys, I appreciate all your donations no end. It really will make a big difference to someone’s family and friends at their most difficult time. Thank you.

Big thanks to @markbigsw @dalekdoctor @fergusbisset @amcunningham @rufflemuffin @irishandrew @soundgirl64 (x2) @alpew @sarknight @juniorc0 @jeanetteleech @hen4 @segelstrom @tomarse99 @redjotter @katiekatetweets @rich_w @niccombe @laurenivory @mikey3982 @andrewspong @hgholt for your donations. If anyone else reading this would like to donate please visit or Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Starlight walk in memory of Dan

  1. George, congratulations on such an effort, you guys should be very proud of what you’ve achieved. Well done.

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