Doing things differently….systems and services

I’m going to start by apologising for what will not be my most reflective, coherent or considered blog post ever! I’ve just had the privilege of spending 24 hours in the company of Directors of Adult Social Care and representatives from some of their management teams. This was at @ripfa‘s Directors Policy Forum – will blog … More Doing things differently….systems and services

Hinton St George

If you type Hinton St George into google, this map is the first thing you find: and to be honest it’s about all you would need, it’s tiny. Last Friday myself and Ferg had the pleasure of visiting Hinton St George, on the recommendation of Mark. It hadn’t been the best of weeks, I didn’t get … More Hinton St George

So far, so good

I blogged last week about my Dad’s health. He’d been called in to see his consultant following a routine scan which showed up a mass of cells under his liver. Well today he heard back from the hospital with the date for his PET Scan which is taking place on Thursday. He’s not allowed to eat … More So far, so good

World Cup Tat

Last week I picked up @rokkster‘s request to Support a Royal by sending World Cup products to Marines currently serving in Afghanistan. Well this week I noticed that both Sainsburys and Asda have reduced down their tat to half price so for the bargain price of a fiver I walked out with 4 flags and … More World Cup Tat

Who is talking to who in public sector reform?

Yesterday I had the privilege to hear Charles Leadbetter speak at research in practice‘s annual Directors Forum – an event they hold for leaders of children’s services to hear about evidence and reflect on how they can ensure their services best respond to it. This year their event focused on the design and redesign of … More Who is talking to who in public sector reform?