Is the cancer back?

Yesterday I had three missed calls from my mum on my mobile and no voicemail or text. Whenever that happens my immediate thought is which of my grandfolks are in trouble but yesterday I was taken completely by surprise. When I eventually got to speak to mum (we had an event at work which meant … More Is the cancer back?

I did a survey…

Youtube vid by mikeydroog Marcello Marino, a hairdresser from Kent, hit the news today as it emerged he’d put up a poster on the side of his salon, that showed a little too much of his wife, Yaice. What I absolutely loved in this interview though wasn’t Marcello’s call for the need for something modern … More I did a survey…

My grandad’s pen

Today was my birthday and I got spoilt with some fabulous cards and pressies. I thought I’d share my favourite card and pressie with you. My fave card is this one – it is *so* me 🙂 I got lots of lovely pressies and I’d never normally consider identifying a favourite but today it was … More My grandad’s pen

I heart Wales

Photo by Mooganic I love Wales and I love Welsh people. Earlier today I got a text off one of my Welshmates and even reading it made me smile because I can’t read a text from Jo without imagining her saying it – and I can’t imagine her voice without smiling; that shiny happy Welsh … More I heart Wales

Support a Royal

Unusual request this one but couldn’t resist supporting it. Those of you who have visited these pages before will know how much respect I have for our service personnel and I’ve a special soft spot for bootnecks – I’ve spent many happy evenings hanging out socialising at Lympstone, have seen the training that Royal Marines … More Support a Royal


My mum just called to have a chat. She was reminiscing about this weekend two years ago. Today would have been the Thursday before my sister Abi, and her husband Steve got married and my Dad had just finished chemo early due to side effects. He couldn’t walk, literally, could barely take a step….yet had … More Reminiscing