Vacancy: Personal Executive in Domiciliary Enterprise

For ages now I’ve been thinking about trying to get a butler! In fact if I’m honest I have a preferred candidate for this role but he doesn’t want it….so I’m going global to see if the #BigSociety can help me out!

My life is sort of hectic, I’m never in one place for long enough. I would love to have someone to help me carry out my overflowing recycling boxes (or better still to put them out for me), or to feed Mogs when I’m away, or to help with the garden, or to share the shopping chores, or to bake bread….or any other number of dull domestic chores that I just never get around to or have to spend all weekend doing.

This morning I was moaning about my dilemma and wondering whether David Cameron’s new Big Society might be able to help out. I have a great opportunity for a trainee butler, they could have their own double room, there would be a ready supply of home baked goods, a million TV channels, loads of development opportunities. Ideally they’d be a shiny happy youthful volunteer looking for some work experience *or* keen to live on a very meagre stipend. They must like cats and be happy with their own company.

Rather bizarrely as my overflowing recycling box finally pushed me to contemplate my dilemma with my twittersphere,  Fabian pointed out an article from a Swedish newspaper, translated version available here, that suggested that many Swedes are currently mulling over the same problem.

My Swedish is non-existent so the highlights of this video are lost on me, but I’ve included it in case any of you speak Swedish and also just because the fact that people were friendly on the lovely clean tube (and the sheer joy at the idea of having someone dressed as a butler meet you from the tube) made me grin. You can enjoy it here:

So, I’m hopeful that by the time I come back from my trip away my blog will be overflowing with contacts from interested parties. Please do spread the word and while I talk of looking for a butler, Neil did point out that my language probably wasn’t on message enough for the Big Society volunteers I was after – so a butler or a personal executive for my domiciliary enterprise – whichever 🙂 Am looking forward to the deluge – failing that, I’ll be looking to move to Sweden I think :p

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