Really bad advertising! #no1

I get a lot of what can only be described as crap advertising dropping through my letterbox. Sometimes I wonder whether there are regional variations and my rubbish post is worse than other people’s due to my exotic Westcountry location 😉 Most of the time I grumble about the trees being killed in a really awful attempt to get me to buy a product or service I don’t need or don’t want. I don’t think I have ever ordered or purchased something as a result of some shoddy mass mail drop.

Today I got home to an advert from TalkTalk – two things amazed me and actually drove me to action in terms of sharing this with you! 1) That it was soooo bad (I mean who do they pay to design this stuff)? 2) That some poor person had actually marked on it number 16 – either the postman or someone else who had thrown it back in the post indicating it was for a no16 somewhere and mine was the lucky chosen street. I don’t know but I thought it was truly crap and warranted sharing with the masses! Depending on what response this little gem gets I might do regular posts – because I really do get some crackingly bad post!

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