Customer Service…pizza style

I’ve blogged about The Pizza Cafe in Newton Abbot before – you can read it here. At the time I was talking about social media and how it is used – and was delighted that @pizzacafenewton had started chatting on twitter. I love the pizzas that these guys produce and I’ve never yet met someone who didn’t agree that it was amongst the best pizza they’ve ever had. So there’s the disclaimer – I am biased – I love Pizza Cafe Newton and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

So imagine my complete horror when we rang up last night to order pizza, only to be told that there were no large pizzas available! This is not on. It’s a Saturday night – how can you run out of pizza? X-factor is on, surely they must have known that they’d be flooded with orders. I’d already had a couple drinks so couldn’t drive to go and get a different take out – and to be honest, I had been looking for an occasion to have their pizza for weeks now (I’m trying to limit my consumption), I’d known all day we were having pizza for tea – this couldn’t be happening.

I am a big fan – I advertise them nonstop – I’d probably added to the problem, but this wasn’t on. Pizza Cafe Newton had let me down 😦

…except they didn’t. They have their priorities so bloody right they imagine themselves into being a customer. So when they couldn’t provide anything but small pizzas they managed to make it alright….for each of the two large pizzas we’d wanted they provided three small ones! Then to make up for it, they threw in two garlic breads and a pot of coleslaw. Now *that* is customer service.

I was then faced with a dilemma – should I advertise my ongoing love affair with Pizza Cafe Newton and their fantastic customer service and potentially risk getting someone into trouble for 1) running out of bases or 2) being too generous in their compensation. Anyway in the end I decided that my returning custom would alone make up for it…and I’m sure anyone reading this would happily share the love, and the experience, and support Pizza Cafe Newton.

The best pizza ever….and customer service as it should be. Go show them some love @pizzacafenewton.

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