Never was so much owed by so many to so few

Today is 11 November 2010, remembrance day. I’m on my third poppy this year, just don’t seem able to hold onto one, not that I mind as I think the Royal British Legion do fabulous work and deserve every penny they get. I’ve written about my thoughts on service personnel before Respect please! if you are in any doubt about the role they play you can read it here. I’ve also written a little about my grandad’s experience’s in a post on VJ Day here. Since World War 2 there has only been one year when no service personnel have been killed on active service (1968) so there are lots of families out there who are living with the consequences of conflict.

The Royal British Legion appeal this year features Emma-Jayne Webster whose fiancé died just over a year ago and Gunner Mark Stonelake who lost his left leg two years ago in Afghanistan. They have both received support from the British Legion, along with 10,000 veterans of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. If you wish to know more about the British Legion and the £62million they raise each year to support veterans then you can watch a short video here. It starts with a quite haunting soundtrack, about a minute in, recorded live on exercise:

Final words go to the big man, Winston Churchill:

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