Sheds are for real men…

Sheds are for real men, thinking, practical men, men who actively seek out their own company, men who make things, and do the job, have calloused, dirty hands,  who would rather do than speak, who wouldn’t know the meaning of the terms ‘in the loop’,  ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’, ‘touching base’, ‘breakout group’, ‘brainstorming session’, ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘tipping point’, ‘pushing the envelope’, ‘fit for purpose’, ‘team building event’, ‘corporate away day’, ‘mission statement’ and all other such trendy inanities, men who know that a workshop is somewhere where you wear overalls,  heavy boots and run the risk of physical injury rather than a poncy management love in.  Men who were ‘ Made in England’ when it meant something,  men that the nation would need if things got tough.

My brother sent me this the other day – he’d seen it and thought of Dad. I love it, especially the bit about a workshop 😉 I’ve written quite a lot about my Dad on this blog, about him, his attitude to life and his fight with cholangiocarcinoma. The most recent post is here, for once I’ve not got much more to say, the man is a legend, a great big shed loving legend!!

*When not in his shed my Dad can be found cuddling babies

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