Santander customer service #fail

Last night as I was busy enjoying @PizzaCafeNewton and watching the Apprentice Final, I received a phonecall on my landline. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hello

Caller: Hi, it’s Ben (cant remember his proper name) calling from Santander. Just to let you know this call may be recorded for training purposes.

Me: Uh huh

Caller: Can you confirm the first name of your address please

Me: Um, could you tell me what you’re calling about please

Caller: Um, I need you to confirm your address details first, they’re DPA requirements. I’m from Santander.

Me: Sorry Ben, I’m not sure I’m that comfortable confirming my details to you

Caller: Why not, it’s DPA requirements…Data Protection Act

Me: Well, yes, but I’m still not that happy with it. You called me, how do I know who you are (while really thinking I’d rather be enjoying my evening)

Caller: I’m Ben, from Santander

Me: Yes I know you say you are, but I don’t know that. I’m not that comfortable to be honest

Caller: *Long loud huffff* Oh well I can put something in writing if you want

Me: Yes please, that would be great, thanks.

Am I missing something here. I get called at home, by a bank, requesting my details – when I say no, they don’t even offer a number I can call them on (not that I’d particularly trust that either). Not sure whether it’s spam or just shite customer service but I’ll live without knowing what I’m missing for now.

3 thoughts on “Santander customer service #fail

  1. Yes, no surprise there. I had a nice twist on this theme from the Clydesdale Bank wanting to sell me investments. After that nonsense, the guy told me to ring him on his mobile! Really didn’t seem to understand or appreciate my phishing concern. He said that if I rang the landline number I would be put through to the call centre. Presumably he knows what Kafka-esque nightmare would await me there. Am very interested in servicedesignfail and the banks are a great place to find them.

  2. I seem to have that same conversation about twice a month. I’m not sure I’ve ever managed to make any of the call centre folk understand what the problem is.

    I’ve even tried saying: “Well as my bank you’ll know that you have advised me never to disclose personal information unless I’m absolutely sure that it is safe to do so.” To which the general reply is: “But it is safe, I’m calling from your bank.”

  3. You’re right it’s shite customer services. Santander must be the worst bank in the world for customer services..

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