To build a wendy house – Part 2

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Three months ago I wrote a post To build a wendy house that talked about my Dad’s continuing battle with cancer, cholangiocarcinoma to be precise. I wrote it the morning of a hospital appointment, that I also blogged about in To chemo or not to chemo. In that post I talked about my Dad’s most current project – to build my niece a Wendy House.

This weekend my sister was at a funeral for Cpl Mark Palin and I agreed to babysit my niece for the night – the hideous, epic trip up the M5 was worth it just to see the finished article alone! Check it out – lovingly made by Grandad, hand crafted and all able to be taken a part when they next move (my brother in law is in the Army and so its reasonable to expect they’ll need to move home).

I knew it was going to be amazing – my Dad doesn’t tend to do things by halves, but I was sooo impressed. I am so pleased that he had chance to build and finish the Wendy House – and so far, even with a few scares along the way, he is still doing strong three months on. He doesn’t have another project yet but I’m beginning to wonder whether it is realistic to set him off on making me a beach hut! Anyone got some beach they’d like to donate me?

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