Curry creation

I realised this week that it has been too long since I cooked a meal from scratch, well with the exception of the roast I did the other week! When life gets hectic and busy I tend to cut corners and live off pasta and pesto…or worse still,  crackers, crisps  and houmous. I have been away a lot in August, for work during the week or for social and weddings at the weekend, consequently I have got lazy and avoided supermarket shopping. I know better than to cut back on Maslow’s hierarchy – it’s not like I’ve gone without meeting the physiological need for food, but the self-actualisation and esteem that comes from baking or creating a meal is something that I have been missing.

So last night, to put things right, I set out to cook a curry. I cheated and bought bhajis and peshwari naan from the shops, despite buying all I needed to make them from scratch, but I started too late and ran out of time. I did however manage to make Andhra Chilli Chicken:

and three different chutneys with pitta bread chips, La Simla Mirch Chutney, Hara Chutney and Cucumber, Chilli and Mint Raita:

Tonight I’m making plum, walnut and pecan crumble and tomorrow I might do some baking. It’s simple really, providing for primary needs, but I felt such a feeling of satisfaction – if you’ve not baked or cooked for a while, take the time and go do it. It definitely recommend it – well worth the effort!

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