Holiday on the horizon

I can not tell you how excited I am, at least I can not possibly put it into words in a way that will convey the relief, enthusiasm and excitement of what lies ahead! A couple weeks ago I started looking for travel insurance that would cover me if I booked a holiday and was unable to travel, if Dad got sick. I had some lovely responses from people but in a nutshell couldn’t find anyone willing to insure me – not helped by the fact that Dad wasn’t travelling with me.

For the past fortnight I’ve wasted several evenings and too much of this weekend looking at the options – looking at what was available last minute, or long haul, close by, within the UK. Yesterday we narrowed it down to two priorities, well three actually but that’s because someone is less decisive than me! The three needs were:

1) wanting to feel warm to our bones when we got there – not sure if you know what I mean, but that feeling of proper warmth, all encompassing heat – well if you know what I mean, you’ll get that, if you don’t I’m sorry

2) long haul – being able to change time zones and feel like distance is covered, a real long way away from the everyday reality and all that entails at present

3) all inclusive or full board – knowing more or less what is spent before we leave, and then not having to worry about anything very much.

Yesterday my Mum popped in on her way back from a fortnight with my sister, she looked exhausted but was full of the joys of spending time out of a routine, breaking away from things and getting a break from the reality of every day life. She was insistent that we should book a holiday and try not to worry about what the future will hold with Dad.

Today I called Dad (who is staying with my brother) and he sounded fantastic! One of his friends had told me on facebook that he’d done a killer speech at camp (he was being ‘dined out’ of the Cadet Force) and that he’d got a standing ovation! She had also returned from camp with a raging chest infection. I tentatively rang Dad this morning, I wanted to speak to him and try to detect whether he was getting ill. He sounded a million dollars. When I told him I was wondering whether or not to book my holiday he was straight out with what I expected from him – don’t put your life on hold for me, I’m not going anywhere just yet, get on with it girl.

So get on with it we did.

Two weeks holiday booked. Maldives. Island with only 40 chalets. No telephone, text message, wifi, email, news, real life – nothing. Complete break from the routine. Hopefully dry, but to be honest even torrential rain wouldn’t spoil this.

We have two weekends left before we fly out and also have Dad’s birthday to celebrate too. It was his 60th birthday when we realised he was ill and he found out he had cancer less than two weeks after that. He shouldn’t have lived past Christmas that year. I can not quite believe that he has made it this far, neither can I believe that I’ve booked to go that far away, what feels like so far in advance (it’s only 2.5weeks). I am now going to keep everything crossed that Dad stays well for the next two weeks. Here’s hoping.

3 thoughts on “Holiday on the horizon

  1. wow 🙂 sounds idyllic! Hope you all have a fantastic time (although I don’t really doubt that you will!) – very jealous (in a good way, of course!)

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