Talking with sofas for #Interrogate2011

Not your average Friday today…

At lunch time I jumped in my car and headed over to Torquay, Torre Abbey to be precise, to meet a lady with a sofa! Not your average sofa either:

As you can see the sofa is advertising the Interrogate Festival which is taking place at Dartington in a fortnight. I posted about it last week, you can read it here. The festival aims to put income equality centre stage and is structured around a different theme each day – Friday focuses on causes, Saturday the effect and Sunday the response – what action we can all take to respond and address the challenges of income inequality.

Since last weekend the team behind the festival have taken on board feedback they have received and have opened the festival on Sunday to anyone who can attend, free of charge. The need to respond is considered to be so important that they want to give everyone a chance to come, contribute and action plan. Tickets are also now available to purchase to attend individual events, so you don’t have to attend the whole weekend, although I suspect once you look at the programme you might choose to.

It was fantastic to get outside in the fresh air at lunchtime today, to talk to people and start a conversation about income inequality. Unfortunately I’m off on holiday a week today so won’t be there but I hope some of the people who seemed interested do get up to Dartington – I can’t think of a more beautiful setting to have some very needed, challenging conversations. It’s an inspiring place Dartington, with a long history of curating ideas to address challenging situations so I hope Interrogate conditions with that tradition – and I hope several of you get to enjoy it.

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