4square pizza – ideas please

I’ve blogged once or twice about the Pizza Cafe in Newton Abbot – they’re the absolute best place to get pizza for miles around. In fact I’ve had people visit from all over and I don’t think anyone has ever been disappointed, their pizzas are amazing.

The Pizza Cafe is small and independent, they have one restaurant and also offer a delivery service. They also have a dedicated fan base with over 3000 admirers on their facebook page and a thousand people interacting with them on twitter. They have yet to dive into foursquare and in a twitter discussion the other week I agreed to have a think about how they could use it and put some ideas together. The first three of these ideas are included below but I’d really appreciate other people’s thoughts and suggestions, so please do share and comment.

What is foursquare?

Foursquare is a social networking tool that allows it’s users to connect with each other, with locations, services and products through check-ins on the web. As of last month (stats from foursquare Sept 2011) there were over 10 million people in the community worldwide, over a billion check-ins and over 500,000 businesses using the merchant platform to connect with their business.

How does it work?

There is no point me trying to explain this when the following site from the foursquare site does it so much better. It’s only two minutes long:

How could Pizza Cafe Newton (or any other business) use it?

Idea 1 – reward for the mayor. The mayor is the person who has the most check-ins over the preceding 60 days. Some businesses offer rewards to their mayor, maybe a free pizza each month or a free side order for the mayor whenever they come into the restaurant. The Pizza Cafe already offer one free pizza to their facebook/twitter fans each month – drawn randomly, which is a nice way of keeping everyone engaged, this reward would be more focused on customers who actually visit the restaurant.

Idea 2 – special offer for anyone who checks-in on a *insert your day*, let’s go for Wednesday. This would allow those who come to the restaurant and check-in via foursquare a reward, they would need to check-in to get the special but the reward would be available for anyone searching foursquare to view. So if I was visiting Newton Abbot on a Wednesday and didn’t know where to go eat, it might encourage me to visit the Pizza Cafe.

Idea 3 – special offer Monday – the Pizza Cafe already have a great offer on a Monday between 6-9pm. Two courses, for two people for £19.95. Now that is already a complete bargain and they already offer free drinks to those who mention facebook or twitter when they book their table. They could have a similar offer for foursquare customers – some of whom don’t use twitter or facebook so wouldn’t know about the deal otherwise.

What to do next?

Step 1 – Claim your venue. In the case of the Pizza Cafe they already have a page here, so they just need to visit the merchant site to claim the page

Step 2 – Create a special to reward loyal or new customers

Step 3 – Visit the merchant dashboard to monitor statistics about how many people are checking in, total over time, most frequent visitors, gender breakdown, time of day most popular with foursquare users etc. I have a feeling that I might feature in this data! I’ve not seen the dashboard but I’m confident it could give useful data for any business.

Step 4 – Celebrate extending your social media reach with a pizza 🙂 Sit back and let your customers do the rest.

3 thoughts on “4square pizza – ideas please

  1. Hi there

    We’re not 4square aficionados, but this seem something we could feature/promote on our PRSD/ Devon Week/ D&CFilm sites…

    Drop us a line if this comes to fruition or if there are any other developments.

    All the best

  2. I’m an avid 4square-er but I find that value I get out of checking in somewhere to be more or less zero. I stick with the platform because I can see a lot of potential, though. Your ideas are good and already what a lot of brands do. So here are my additionial ideas, with varying degrees of executability.
    1) Data. When you check in, the app can deliver data about what’s good that day, most recent news etc. At the moment this can only be left using a “Tip” and it isn’t very good but you could combine it with…
    2) QR code type functions. Leave a tip that says “find & scan the QR code (on the counter | in the loo | at your table)” and this can take the user to a place with much richer information – reviews, user feedback on individual dishes, menu changes, chef profiles etc etc.
    3) as part of a wider enterprise. I was on a 4sq treasure hunt recently in Exeter and we checked in at various places. It was a lot of fun and would raise awareness of the cafe (especially in combination with 1) & 2)).
    4) referrals. Bit difficult to make this work in practice, but in theory 4sq allows you to track your customers and who they are promoting the cafe to via their 4sq friends. This tech isn’t there yet, and I need to think about it some more.

  3. I’ve seen idea 1 in a few places I’ve checked in and you kind of feel that it sort of limits the discount to one person and if they visit/check in regularly enough it means they have a monopoly!

    How about a novel idea involving ‘square pizzas’ – large one’s that can be shared between, you guessed it, 4 people. Maybe exclusively to people checking in on 4sq?

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