Innovators are constantly asking why things aren’t done differently – the return of #innopints

A couple months ago, back in August, a handful of people (including @martinhowitt @fergusbisset @carlhaggerty @dalekdoctor @gerrynos and @samnixson) met at The White Hart at Dartington Hall for a couple hours of chat and a couple of drinks. At the time the loose connection was some interest (personal or by association) in innovation, hence the #innopints hashtag.

We had a great time, conversation was wide and varied including working lives and histories, Ken Livingston on Education:

…Devon CC Tough Choices campaign, access to university for people with disabilities, A-level results (expected), badgers, pizzas, a tiny bit about social care, twitter and other networks, school governorship….oh and a tad about innovation (I think).

We agreed to meet up again in a few months, which is looming now. We said we’d brave it in Newton Abbot (which I’m delighted about) and I’m suggesting we go for Mon 21 November. You now have two big choices ahead of you as you get to the end of this post:

1) Are you going to come – you know that you should. A tweet up, in Devon, with the likes of us, who wouldn’t!

2) Would you like to go for a) just drinks b) an indian or c) @pizzacafenewton

Look forward to hearing from you all…come on, say you’ll come.


The plan is to meet at The Eastern Eye in Newton Abbot at 7pm on Mon 21 November – all welcome, please let me know @georgejulian (or leave a comment) if you’re going to be there so I can book a large enough table! Don’t be put off by their website – it’s awful but that’s because they’re busy putting their efforts into making great food!

10 thoughts on “Innovators are constantly asking why things aren’t done differently – the return of #innopints

  1. You know I’m there…curry or pizza as long as as can sit enough folk together…not sure of the venues so whatever would allow for more conversation.

  2. Fantastic, the more the merrier. Looks like curry is winning out on pizza on the twittersphere – so how does 8pm at Eastern Eye sound to people? For non-Newton bods it’s right by the train station. Happy to meet earlier or later, I’m easy – what would you all prefer?

  3. Of course, makes no difference to me and I’ve not got to travel. 7pm works for me, I’ll leave it a little while longer to see who else is interested and then book a table. I’m really looking forward to it!

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