Honestly – just do it!

Just over a year ago I ran a half-marathon in Cardiff and I’m a bit ashamed to admit I’ve barely run since. Until eventually last week I snapped and decided I’d had enough of not doing enough (or to be more accurate, doing anything).

So I’ve been for three runs in the past week: two for 20mins (1.8m) and one for 30mins (2.7m). As you can see it wasn’t fast and it definitely wasn’t pretty. That said when I woke up this morning I actually wanted to go out for a run. Yes, you read correctly, I wanted to.

So for anyone who is sat there considering doing it, just get up and go, honestly, just do it. I convinced myself that even ten steps is ten steps more than I’d do if I was busy sat on my arse. Go on, I promise you’ll not regret it.

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