If only canteen food always tasted this good

This weekend I headed to River Cafe Canteen at Axminster. I’ve been a couple of times now and keep coming back – so something must be good. I thought I’d blog this time, mostly because I’ve got some piccies of the food that I thought you might enjoy.

First up the actual canteen space. I love it, the perfect mix between a proper nasty old school canteen, and a fabulous nice cafe; blackboards, bunting, wooden tables, can’t go wrong.

Next up starters, we had one Pork and Bacon Terrine:

Cornish Blue and Roast Butternut Squash:

River Cafe Ham and Shredded Red Cabbage:

and one Crab on Toast:

In a party of six, we had four people tempted by the Sausage, Lentils and Salsa Verde:

Mussels cooked with Bacon and Cider:

Cottage Pie with Greens:

with a side order of Chips:

The two desserts that proved popular were, Apple Crumble with Vanilla Custard:

and Chocolate Mousse with Brandy Cream:

All of this was accompanied by a couple drinks and coffee and a trip to buy some coronary clogging delicious cheese and bread on the way home. So, what’s the verdict, well I’ve been to the canteen three times and will definitely be back again. That said I thought they were understaffed in the canteen, which meant that service wasn’t as attentive as it could be. For example, I really don’t mind standing in a queue, but when I get to the front of it I’d like to be acknowledged and told how long I will be waiting for a table. Again, there was gorgeous looking bread up near the counter, we weren’t offered any (maybe we should have asked) but if our waitress had a little more time I can’t help but think she’d have offered some or explained whether bread was or wasn’t included. So, the food was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, the wait was bearable (and well worth it), the service was good but it felt like they could have done with another pair of hands on the canteen floor.

That said, I’d definitely recommend a trip if you’ve not already been – you can judge for yourself then.

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