Favourite photo I’ve taken in 2011

Over on flickr there is a group for Your Best Shot 2011 and it got me thinking about which my best shot would be. I guess there are loads of criteria for deciding, whether it’s best composition/light/fancy camera terms, whether it’s about the people or subjects in it, the memory or occasion it reminds you of, I’m not really sure so I had a look through my Highlights set where I add my fave pics and came up with the following shortlist:

So, which (if any) do you like? Or are there other photos in my stream that you think are better? Would really love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Favourite photo I’ve taken in 2011

  1. Some great shots there.. some technically better than others, and some hold the viewers eye longer.. but for me, my favourite is the bride and ‘grandmother’ laughing in the bench. I adore photos that capture a moment and for me this captures it in spades

    Love it!


  2. just a quick addition, the photo of the boy with the bike.. try cropping the image so that the left wall is absent. I think it will create a lovely clean backdrop to the main subject

    1. Thanks Paul – was on Mathiveri Island in the Maldives. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with a camera, just love people watching and tend to find if I take enough shots, one or two come out well 🙂

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