I need new knives – recommendations please!

This coming year I’m determined to do more cooking, and eat more fresh food. I used to really enjoy cooking, and have got far too lazy of late, never home from work early enough to both cooking. Well all this is going to change, pasta and pesto is no more a staple, it will instead be replaced by healthier, home cooked delights. To help me along with this mission I’ve decided I need some better knives – so I either need to sharpen the ones I have, or buy new. I asked Twitter for recommendations and thought I’d share the answers with you guys and ask for any more advice or opinions you have to offer.

(cc) on flickr by JD Hancock

Any Sharp Knife Sharpener £8.49 on Amazon and Chinese chopping knife from @davidandrew52

Wusthof from @amcunningham

Global or Titan from @scotbaston

Taylor’s Eye Witness Block from @niccombe

I’d be really interested in anyone else’s opinions or ideas for good knives to get. I’ve owned my own home for over five years now, definitely time to invest in a decent knife or two!

The truly awesome photo (well I loved it) is a creative commons offering on flickr. The photo was taken by @JDHancock and you can view the complete Little Dudes set here.

Further Recommendations:

Sabatier knives, plus 1 extra giant big one and Mino Sharp Sharpener from @annkempster

Jean-Patrique from @lillieputian

Globals plus advice to spend as much time and attention on sharpener/sharpening as knives from @paul_clarke

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