Postcards via twitter

This week I saw one of my favourite articles of the year, Twitter by Post, which was the brainchild of Giles Turnbull @gilest. Giles has been conducting an experiment where he has replied to twitter, in real time, through the post. This may sound weird but I think it’s truly awesome. Go read the article, I can’t do it justice and the images are brill.

As someone who has always loved writing and receiving letters, and who loves nothing more than a postcard, this idea is simply fascinating. I’ve blogged before about my Grandad’s postcard collection that will pass to me on his death, every time I go away I try to send him a postcard, even if it means he has lots from London (the place I visit the most).

Well this year I’ve decided to write more, to get organised and send birthday cards and anniversary cards and more postcards. I love twitter, and all things social networking, but I also still get a childlike thrill when a postcard or envelope drops onto my doormat…and I have a ridiculous stash of cards/postcards to send (bit of an addiction to stationery)! So, if you would like a birthday card, some other kind of card, or a postcard to cheer you up just send me your address (I’m not promising to reply like Giles did, but I will send you something). You can either email it to me here, or send me a DM on twitter. Also, inspired by @soundgirl64 talking about her Dad being a little lonely, if you think a relative of yours would like to receive one (don’t worry I’ll explain I’m a friend of XX on it) then please feel free to pass me their address.

Here’s to keeping Royal Mail busy in 2012.

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