Give blood – you don’t need it!

I’ve banged on about giving blood on here before, which is a little virtuous and deceitful given I’ve not done so in years! Not for the want of trying though, I’ve just not managed to get a session appointment that I could make but all changes this week, I’m donating on Thursday evening at the racecourse in Newton Abbot. Dad has been receiving blood transfusions to keep him alive for a couple months now, he had his first one in October last year and has been more reliant on them as time has gone by. I’ve also blogged about organ donation, most recently in The ultimate recycling? This week facebook and the NHS Blood and Transplant Service have launched a campaign to increase blood donations; the Olympics, the bumper crop of bank holidays and various other big events mean that they need to increase stocks.

Without blood transfusions my Dad would not be here today. He can’t keep receiving transfusions forever, in fact it wouldn’t be fair or a good use of resources, but for now it is what is keeping him alive. You could sign up to donate blood today and transform someone’s life. Hopefully it won’t take you as long as it has me to get around to actually donating, but registering is the first step. I have seen the significant difference a blood transfusion makes to someone. In Dad’s case it is the difference between life and death. Please go sign up now. You can register by phoning 0300 123 23 23 or visiting their website here. What’s stopping you?

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