Jubilation weekend

I was just looking at my blog and realising how full it is of cancer, death and dying. Now sure I’m cool with talking about that stuff but it does give (even me) the impression that my life must be horrendously difficult. That’s not to say it isn’t at times, but it is only at times, some of the time I get to enjoy normal stuff as well and in the past six weeks despite my Dad’s and my Grandad’s health declining quite significantly I also got a long weekend away for the Jubilations (nice of Her Maj to give us an extra day off and even nicer to move it to that weekend – my birthday was the following Wednesday).

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite photos from that weekend, as a reminder that life is sort of normal too, in amongst all the doom and gloom. There was a lot of food:

a lot of Baby Jack:

and a lot of Ruby:

I’ll not share photos of the impact of having Jack (and his 24 hour stomach bug) with us, suffice to say about three of the eight adults managed a crash diet that weekend and it wasn’t due to the alcohol, even though there was quite a lot of that also.

It is really hard to take time away when you don’t know what will happen at any moment, but it was also a perfect tonic to quite a hectic few weeks. The only downside was that I couldn’t visit Dad for a week, until I was completely sure I was short of Jack’s bugs, not that in itself that was a problem either because it probably just added to my sense of having a break. I just wish I could give my Mum the chance to have that break, as we come into Carers Week I’m more aware than ever of the toll that Dad’s illness and my Grandparent’s increasing frailty is having on her. I’m off to visit her the family this afternoon and will again encourage her to try and take some time out. It’s absolutely essential.

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