Unpaid research work

For years there has been concern in the research world about ethics of paying people to participate in research, whether it is necessary and how much is appropriate. In social care research there is a growing expectation that those who access services should receive some sort of payment or honorarium for participation in research work. … More Unpaid research work

Liberation….for now

This will be a short post to update on Dad and to highlight a new book featured by the Guardian that looks brilliant! Dad finished his antibiotics yesterday, having finished chemotherapy last week. He has a handful of pills to still take each morning, and for the time being still has his PICC line that … More Liberation….for now

The power of recognition and acceptance

There are two twitter conversations in the last twelve hours that have encouraged me to put fingers to keyboard – one was a discussion with @ermintrude2 @martinhowitt @copperbird @HelenHSAUK @jaxrafferty about obituaries and whether you should have ‘live obituaries’ and the other with a similar group and @timolloyd and @paulcoxon81 about social media and whether … More The power of recognition and acceptance