Life after Bobby: Week 1

I can’t quite believe that as I’m writing this Dad died over a week ago. He was originally diagnosed with bile duct cancer in September 2007. At the time his odds were pretty gloomy for making Christmas – a very rare cancer, the statistics on cholangiocarcinoma do not make for pretty reading, by the time … More Life after Bobby: Week 1

Pencil power

(cc) on flickr by Sharkey M Today has been spent funeral planning for Dad’s send off, we’ve discussed Dad’s wishes with him before his death, as a family since and with the priest who will be taking the service today. The next week or so will be spent pulling together a tribute/euology/speechy thang that I’ll … More Pencil power

Life goes on

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on* The day after Dad died I took the dog out with Mum for a short walk, as we turned the corner to head up the main road I heard kids playing in the primary school playground. Laughing, running, screeching, just … More Life goes on

We do remember

Dear Jon I thought I’d write you a quick note to let you know that you may be gone, but you’re not forgotten. Last time we spoke it was on facebook, you’d corrected Megs’ spelling and I couldn’t resist but join in. I still do it occasionally now, and every time I think of you. … More We do remember

Lest we forget

Remembrance Sunday has always been an important day in the Julian family calendar. For as long as I can remember Dad was involved with the Devon Army Cadet Force, most of the year this meant regular panics on a Monday and Thursday evening as Dad hunted high and low for the twisties, part of his … More Lest we forget

Collecting memories

When Dad was in the hospice he was given two memory boxes to fill for my nieces. This week he’s been thinking about what to put in them, we’ve covered all the usual things – photos, games, things that are symbolic of Bobby and relate to him. Mum and I got thinking though and we … More Collecting memories