44 Thank Yous #100k100days

I am completely and utterly certain that my Dad would not have lived as long as he has without the support of 44 amazing people. In the last six months Dad has had 4 emergency admissions to hospital, 1 admission to the hospice and several blood transfusions. Dad has been given 44 units of blood. Each time you give blood you give a unit, which is about a pint, 450ml to be exact. It takes about an hour for everything, but the actual giving blood bit usually takes me about 15-20mins.

This is my blood, it was painless to donate, took about an hour of my life but if it does someone else half as much good as the blood Bobby received then I’m delighted. Dad was severely anaemic after his chemo and because he has a bleeding tumour in his belly. As much as you could argue (if you were being incredibly clinical about it) it might not have been the best use of resources for Dad to receive as much blood as he did, the end result is that he has maintained a high quality of life for much longer than he could have without it, he has lived a good life and is having a good death, thanks to 44 different random strangers.

Yesterday the NHS Blood Transfusion Service launched a campaign to find 1000 new blood donors a day over the next 100 days. If you’ve read my blog and ever asked yourself what you could do to help, know that by registering to give blood you have a great chance of making a real difference to someone’s life. Please consider going and registering today.

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