We do remember

Dear Jon

I thought I’d write you a quick note to let you know that you may be gone, but you’re not forgotten. Last time we spoke it was on facebook, you’d corrected Megs’ spelling and I couldn’t resist but join in. I still do it occasionally now, and every time I think of you.

Life moves on and your memory lives on. I hear of things occasionally via Becca or your Mum on twitter of all places – I’m hoping that your Mum can convince mine to give it a go sometime soon! Megs and Olly are doing just fine, they’re growing up (obviously) but you’d have been so proud of them at Grandad’s funeral this summer – they were gorgeous, nothing like teenagers are meant to be, and Megs is a little mini-clone of you McKinlay, you’ll never be gone while she’s alive, and rightly too.

The news at this end is that Bobby J is finally dying. He’s not given up just yet but his time is almost upon us. I’m not sure I believe in heaven and reunions and all that jazz, but if such a thing exists keep an eye out for him. He’d love a yarn, and no doubt a trip down memory lane.

Rest in Peace JJ,

Lots of love, George xx

One thought on “We do remember

  1. Thank you, George. That was lovely and you’ve made me cry – again. Thinking of you and Abbie, your JJ and, of course, Sylvie. We’re rooting for you at the moment. I’m sure Grandad Bert and Jon have got things arranged for Bobby’s arrival. I am convinced we will all see each other again, I don’t how or why but we will. Much love to you all.

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