The Swift and Bold

I felt compelled to write this post off the back of a facestalker update that my little sister just posted: Abi wants to thank all of my dearest friends & family who have got us through the last 178 sleeps, we couldn’t have done it without your support. 1 more sleep left and it’s all … More The Swift and Bold


Last week I wrote To chemo or not to chemo that talked about Dad’s latest dilemma (unsurprisingly, whether to have chemo or not) and the real life implications of patient choice for him, my mum and his family and friends. Dad has chosen not to have chemo and to wait and see what happens. This week he … More D.N.R

Happy Fathers Day?

This morning I’ve woken up with a heavy heart and I just can’t shake it so I thought I’d try the blog therapy approach! It’s father’s day and to be blunt I am very grateful that my Dad is still alive. There have been many times over the past three years where I wouldn’t have … More Happy Fathers Day?

World Cup Tat

Last week I picked up @rokkster‘s request to Support a Royal by sending World Cup products to Marines currently serving in Afghanistan. Well this week I noticed that both Sainsburys and Asda have reduced down their tat to half price so for the bargain price of a fiver I walked out with 4 flags and … More World Cup Tat

Support a Royal

Unusual request this one but couldn’t resist supporting it. Those of you who have visited these pages before will know how much respect I have for our service personnel and I’ve a special soft spot for bootnecks – I’ve spent many happy evenings hanging out socialising at Lympstone, have seen the training that Royal Marines … More Support a Royal